Django and Phineas

PhinJango is the pairing of Django and Phineas as a couple! Django is a rarely used character but it is known that him and Phineas are close despite not interacting very much. They are both creative people, Phineas is creative with his "big ideas" for summer and Django is creative with his art and his costumes.

As of now this is not a very popular pairing due to Django not being in the series very much, however it has a small dedicated fanbase and on FanFiction.Net the PhinJango stories are well writen!

PhinJango Hints!

In Oil on Candace- Phineas and Ferb- especially Phineas- help Django make a bigger painting for his dad and Phineas is also seen putting his hands on Django's sholders and Django seems happy, they even make eye contact with eachother!

In Candace's big day- Django participating in Bob and Tiana's wedding and for a brief moment they are seen looking at each other, and they are both smiling and Django is shirtless.

It is possible that they are both gay or bi because Phineas is oblivous to Isabella's crush on him because he likes Django, and Django likes Phineas for the same reasons Isabella likes Phineas!