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Ferbella by cookie62667-d4mzbgp

Ferbella is the non-canon pairing between Ferb Fletcher and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. It is only an opinion whether it is cuter then Phinabella or not.

Ferbella HintsEdit

  • When hearing this, Phineas was blushed and shocked.
  • In The Beak, Baljeet is irritated when Phineas gets all of Isabella's attention and praise for being a superhero.
  • In Phineas and Candace Summer Belongs to You, Candace listened while Isabella talked about Phineas not noticing her, and offered her a handkerchief when she started crying.
  • In the episode When Worlds Collide, Isabella accidentaly took Baljeet's hand.

Fanfic RecsEdit

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