For the part of an article, "Fanfiction Recs" all you have to do is find a fanfiction story off the internet and link it to the ship page. A good place to look is because, not only can you find many fanfiction stories there easily, but you can freely link there without worry. I will then come around to read all of what you've linked and rate their maturity level. Often times if their is a preset rating, I will use that, but I still have to read it to make sure the age limit isn't wacked up. Well, that and that we have a slightly more specific scale here.

Our Scale:Edit

Kids = age 6-9

Kids+ = age 10-12

+Kids = bordering on Teen

Teen = age 13-16

+Teen = bordering on Mature

We do not allow fanfictions rated Mature or M on this wiki.

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