Here at the PaF Ships Wiki, we are thrilled when we get another shipping article. But we don't want people to pick from (what many people call) the grab bag. In other words, we don't want people to go making up pairings willy-nilly. It's fine if you make up a pairing that hasn't made it to the fandom yet. But make sure there's enough information you can put into the article. If there's not, don't bother making the page. If any contributors find a page like this that has been this way for a long time, please mark it as a candidate for deletion.

NEW RULE: FANON PAIRINGS NOT ALLOWED! I'm afraid there just isn't enough to put into the articles. They cause commotion.

What kind of Pairings are Fanon?Edit

This question will most likely pop up a lot, since the difference between non-canon and Fanon is slight. Non-canon pairings are ships that fans came up with based on the hints in the show, whereas Fanon pairings ARE from the grab bag. Fanon pairings mostly come up between someone's two favorite characters even though the characters sometimes have nothing to do with each other.

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