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Bujeet is the non-canon pairing of Baljeet Tjinder and Buford Van Stomm that started on the premiere of "Get That Bigfoot Outta my Face".

Episodes surrounding BujeetEdit

  1. Hip Hip Parade
  2. The Bully Code
  3. Summer Belongs to You
  4. Swiss Family Phineas
  5. Suddenly Suzy
  6. Nerds of a Feather
  7. Bully Bromance Breakup

Bujeet HintsEdit

Fanfic RecsEdit

Seeing Red

Screw School, It's Summer

Let You Know

Whatever You Like

What Should We Do Today?

In Sickness

Because I Should

Better than a Mistletoe Kiss

Baljeet's Christmas Wish

My BullyMy Nerd

More Trouble Than It's Worth

Friendship, and Love