BaljeetxGinger is the one-sided, canon pairing between Ginger and Baljeet Rai . It is shown in the episode "Bubble Boys" that Ginger has a crush on him.

BaljeetxGinger HintsEdit

  • In the episode "Isabella and the Temple of Sap " Ginger puts on the 'I Just Saw a Cute Boy' patch when she sees Baljeet.
  • In "Happy New Year " Ginger and Baljeet dance together.
  • In "Bee Day "/"Bee Story " Ginger is interested in what Baljeet is saying, and he is pleasantly suprised that she is. When Phineas calls Baljeet over, he replies with "In a minute." in a tone of voice that suggests that he wants to keep talking to her.

Fanfic RecsEdit