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IsabellaxBaljeet is the non-canon one-sided pairing between Isabella Garcia-Shapiro and Baljeet Tjinder .

IsabellaxBaljeet HintsEdit

  • In the episode "What Do it Do? " Baljeet and Isabella sit at a romantically set table together. Baljeet states what a 'coincidence' it was for them to be paired up together. Isabella then said that Baljeet charged at the table "like a crazed bull".
  • In "Not Phineas and Ferb " Baljeet asked Isabella if he was a convincing Phineas. Isabella replied with "No, no you weren't."
  • In "Ask a Foolish Question " when the gang is testing out the super-computer, Isabella's thoughts are of Phineas and Baljeet's are of Isabella.
  • In "Bully Bromance Breakup " Isabella seemed to be slightly interested in the new, brave Baljeet.
  • In the episode "Bully Bust " when Isabella states that she loves it when Phineas uses big words, Baljeet tries to impress her by using a big word. She responds that "it's not as cute when you do it", causing Baljeet to act very disappointed.

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